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Doecke Electrical- Trusted in the Murraylands and Hills

Doecke Electrical is a trusted and reliable, local electrician in Murray Bridge, servicing the Murray lands, Adelaide Hills, Limestone Coast, and surrounding areas. Our team has expanded rapidly since first starting the business in 2016 and strives to be the most efficient and reliable whilst offering competitive prices.


With our excellent buying power on wholesale electrical equipment, and our keen team of expert licenced electricians, Doecke Electrical Murray Bridge are the electrical contractors of choice for many when it comes to quality, service and price!


Whether you’re searching for a Murray Bridge electrician, electricians in Mount Barker or the Adelaide Hills and Murraylands, rest assured our friendly team of licenced electricians will always have your best interests in mind. Don’t delay, contact us today.



Our electrical services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial:

  • Lighting, lights and light fittings
  • Ceiling fans installation and safety switches
  • Power points
  • Tv outlets
  • Residential current devices
  • Smoke detectors
  • Phone outlets
  • Garden lighting
  • Range-hood and ovens
  • Solar panels
  • Equipment test and tagging.
  • Switchboard upgrades and relocation
  • Electrical Automated Systems
  • Hot water System Repair (Electrical faults)
  • Projector, TV, Lighting and audio supply and/or Installations for venues of all sizes
  • Thermographic switchboard scanning
  • Antenna Installation
  • 3 Phase power solutions





Repairs and Replacements

  • Electric stoves
  • Electric hot water systems
  • All lighting, lights and light fittings



  • Switchboards
  • Main capacity
  • Replacements
  • Switchboards



  • All lighting design and requirements
  • Surge protection
  • Wiring/rewiring of houses – Extensions



Grid connect and off-grid solar systems-

You might be wondering what the difference is between Grid-Tied Solar Systems and Off-Grid Solar Systems or which one might be more suitable for you.

Grid-Tied Solar is connected to the utility power grid. Some advantages of this type of solar are:

  • Lower equipment and start-up costs
  • Make money back from excess electricity you don’t use
  • Access to back up power from the utility grid (if a problem occurs with your solar panels)


Off-Grid Solar Systems are a stand-alone system that does not connect to the utility power grid. Off-Grid systems require battery storage and a backup generator. Battery packs usually require replacement after 10 years. Batteries are expensive and decrease overall system efficiency.

Some advantages of Off-Grid Solar Systems are:

  • They can be a cheaper option than extending power lines in remote areas
  • You become energy self-sufficient


Hybrid Solar Systems have been described as Off-Grid solar with utility back-up or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage. The Hybrid Solar Systems combines the best from the grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. Some advantages of this system are:

  • Less expensive than the off-grid systems
  • Take advantage of the utility electricity rates throughout the day.


Our local Murray Bridge solar panel electricians can offer advice for each individual circumstance and can recommend a system that would be most beneficial for your requirements and budget.


Switchboards upgrades-

All electrical wiring is run through your switchboard, which directs electricity from the mains supply to various circuits around your home. If your switchboard is getting old it might be a good idea to consider an upgrade for your family’s safety. Here are some signs that an upgrade may be required:

Flickering lights- Flickering lights can occur when the wiring is loose. This can also be as simple as a light bulb not being screwed in properly.

Appliances short-circuiting- When overloaded, old switchboards tend to short-circuit.

Rewireable Fuses- Rewireable fuses are a safety hazard. If your switchboard has rewireable fuses it may be time to upgrade sooner rather than later.

Appears overcrowded- If your switchboard looks overcrowded don’t take any chances. For your safety and peace of mind, call a licenced electrician at Doecke Electrical to come and take a look.


Commercial Projects-

We cater to all sorts of commercial and industrial businesses, from the perfect lighting to light up your store display to give your customers the right “feel” about your shop, to determining the perfect lighting and airflow for your shed, workshop or warehouse.


Industrial electrical systems can be very different from standard power due to the use of heavy equipment, generally requiring a 3 phase system, and it can be very costly if you do not set it up correctly the first time. We can also analyse your current power usage to determine a suitable solar power system and the amount of time it would take to pay itself off.

Solar power is generally a very good investment for businesses and workshops, because most of your power usage is during the day while you are utilising the free solar power.

Call the expert team of Murray Bridge electricians at Doecke Electrical today for a fast free quote and the right advice.


Equipment testing and Tagging- Equipment is used at almost every workplace which makes it important to know if your equipment is safe to use and not faulty. To ensure the safety of all staff it is important to have testing and tagging done by a qualified electrician. We can diagnose any potential electrical hazards and provide solutions if any issues arise.  



Emergency call-out service- Doecke Electrical Murray Bridge is the team to call when you have an electrical emergency around your home or business. Have peace of mind knowing our qualified team will be available around the clock to provide exceptional service and response time. Whatever your emergency, contact Doecke Electrical today and we’ll help get the situation resolved.

Please note that additional charges apply for our after-hours Murraylands electrical service.


Lighting solutions- 

Lighting plays a big part in how you feel about your home.


The correct lighting adds beauty to a room and can make a small room look more open and a large room seem more inviting.


A large light fitting or chandelier is often the first thing you notice walking into any room and can be used to make a statement, on the other hand, subtle forms of lighting such as hidden LED strips above your kitchen splashback or bathroom vanity can also give the immediate feel of luxury.


The other thing to consider with lighting is the colour temperature of a light or lighting system. This is measured from “cool”, which is a bright white to “warm” which is more orange, and anywhere in between. This can dramatically change how a room feels.


It can be very difficult to choose the correct lighting from a magazine or even a showroom. Here at Doecke Electrical, we specialise in all things lighting. We can assist you when choosing the most suitable lighting for your home or office.


Alarm systems- It’s impossible to put a price on safety, that’s why it is important to have our qualified electricians install all alarm systems in your home to ensure everything is working soundly.


Smoke alarms-

Hard wired smoke alarms are a must for every household to protect your family and your home. These are often something that goes unchecked for years at a time. Have Doecke Electrical check your entire system today, to ensure your safety and to protect what matters to you the most, for less than you might think!








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